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Fauci Sets Tone With 5th Straight Wingless Victory

Caledonia, NY - Fourteen year old Nick Fauci and the Fauci Racing 95 team has collected 7 wins so far in the 2018 season, already surpassing himself with last seasons 5 wins. Five straight wins in the 600 wingless class this year and two winged. Fauci's biggest 600 season has already lead with the right foot forward.

Much like Nick's driving style, this program is not lifting. Running a full Limerock Speedway schedule with added Pennsylvania shows with two Hyper X7 chassis this will be Fauci's biggest 600cc micro sprint season yet.

But putting a competitive car on the track every Saturday doesn't happen without the energy this team has put in over the offseason and the people who make it possible. Crew chief John "JR" Evans and car owner Mike Fauci Sr. along with Nick, have tireless hours put into these two cars that Nick races every week. It's no secret that in this sport, your success starts in the shop.

The partnership and support over the years by long standing sponsor Boon & Sons has also helped propel this program throughout many successful years.

Racing against USAC champions at New York's premier micro sprint track has given Fauci a platform to challenge himself on every Saturday. Ending last season with four winged wins, one wingless win and taking home the 2017 winged championship at Limerock Speedway, the momentum continues to grow.

"My goal is to reach the top of Hyper's 2018 win list, and end the season there." Fauci states. Right now he sits just 1 win away from achieving just that.

Click HERE to view Nick's full schedule.

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