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YORK, PA - The 2019 season coming to a final close, the 2020 season is in full swing. The rebuild season is looking just a little different this year from the Fauci Racing shop. Each year brings new opportunities and 2020 is no exception to that. Late October the purchase of a sprint car sounded off a great new opportunity for both driver and team.

It is no secret that in the central Pennsylvania area that 360 wingless sprint cars as well some 360 winged racing has become a growing field and a stepping stone for many drivers. The 2019 season for the East Coast Sprint cars ran a 14 race schedule with on average 20 plus cars a night. Car owners Mike and Brooke Fauci anticipate a full USAC East Coast schedule with Christian Bruno at the helm. "Im excited to venture into the sprint car world with Christian driving for us. He has been a great addition to our team this year, collecting more than a few impressive runs in big shows. In addition to that he is respectful and grateful which has made all the work we put in during the season and off season worth it." Co-car owner Brooke Fauci states.

Throughout the 2019 season Bruno had several impressive runs at large shows out west including a P15 finish at Circus City Speedway's Non-Wing World Championship $10,000 to win show with over 100 entries. A P6 finish at US24 Speedway's "Big Dance" non-wing show and was awarded Hard Charger from starting P16. He held a consistent top 10 for the 35 entered shows in 2019. Two wins and a top 10 in points at Kutztown Pennsylvania's Action Track USA's wingless bullring also added to the 15 year olds resume.

Moving up to a sprint car for the young wheel man does not leave out 600cc sprints entirely though. Bruno is still set to run the 2020 Tulsa Shootout, weekly Action Track USA shows and several larger shows out west in Indiana, and Illinois.

The transition from 600cc sprint cars to 360 sprint cars gives its own set of unique challenges and test but both Bruno and FR have felt a lot of support from the sprint car community already. Being proactive and pooling resources to set a foundation for a strong rookie season is a top priority before the 17m Maxim chassis hits the track for the first time.

When asked about his venture into the 360 wingless class Christian said that he is looking forward to meeting new people and finally fulfilling his dream of driving a sprint car the most. Racing a sprint car though wasn't always the path that he had predicted at a young age of 9 racing .25 midgets Bruno thought that his story would include legend cars on pavement. He is excited to get this season started and get as much track time as possible. Goals for the 2020 season include competing for rookie of the year and contending for top 10 and top 5 finishes. As the season weaves both 600 sprints and 360 sprints in the coming year Bruno explains benefits to both. "The 600 sharpens your reaction time because of the close courtiers you're constantly running under, and the sprint car will give me the sensation of speed the 600 doesn't." Both classes are sure to keep the 15 year old busy.

Teaming up with the Bruno's has been a great partnership that both the Faucis and Brunos are eager about growing in the 2020 season. "Deciding to move to the sprint car was a

decision Brooke and I made along with the Brunos. We wanted them to be involved as much as possible. We're doing this not only to grow our program, but to benefit Christian. We're in this together, that's how a team works." Mike Fauci co-car owner on Fauci Racing states. Charlie Bruno, Christian's father echoes his excitement for the new season as well. "We are excited for Christian and to partner with the Faucis again in 2020. Both Brooke and Mike have a great relationship with Christian on and off the track. As parents it's comforting to know that such hard working young people believe in Christian's abilities as a driver and have his best interest at heart." States Charlie.

Keeping the focus on the Tulsa Shootout for now, the Fauci Racing team will shift back to the sprint car rebuild shortly after the new year. Look for updates to come in the new year for an official schedule and the finished build of the 360 wingless sprint.

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